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Being Wise

To us, being WildServe is about listening to, and working to understand the wild from a systems point of view.


"Never, no, never did Nature say one thing and Wisdom say another"

- Edmund Burke

After committing 360 days a year, for decades you realize it's all about learning from nature and truly respecting the importance and value that it holds. And, it's about acting on that understanding - knowing that it all comes down to responsibility, and action.

A Story of Stewards

Founded in 2016 by four directors and four young scientists and engineers, WildServe hit the ground bringing over 25 years of experience in urban wildlife conservation, environmental education, and non-profit governance.

Wild Serve Company Seal.png

When nature and people come together, the results are often highly tumultuous. Few have such intimate, extensive experience with this than the founders of WildServe, whom have each witnessed first hand the consequences of imbalance and the toll that it has on our wildlife.

Wild Serve was thus born with a respect and concern for wildlife at its heart, giving rise to the first organisational division. Beyond this, in understanding the need for an integrated solution based approach, the environmental division was formed. The two core divisions work together in order to tackle the complex problems of urban biodiversity decline from multiple angles.

Complex problems require smart, creative solutions - solutions that can only be developed by bridging the gap between global and regional science, and grass-roots community based initiatives. Wild Serve actively promotes a reciprocal flow of knowledge and experience across this gap, top-down and bottom-up. 

The anatomy of a logo

The hedgehog is both a symbol and a testimony to our vision. While highly susceptible to numerous forms of artificial encroachment (fencing, roads, pets, pools etc.), the species is also remarkably adaptable. However, without prudent human intervention hedgehogs -- as with many indigenous species -- face significant risk as their urban populations continue to decline.

Soft and fresh green tones are an ever-present reminder of nature's resiliency and capacity for regrowth. As is with nature, WildServe continues to strive towards growth through adaptation.

The hedgehog's eight quills are a testament to the eight founding WiSe personnel. Four founding directors and our team of four founding project members.

Hedgehog Logo Colour.png

The coming-together of the Green and Grey into one symbol is representative of the need to find a harmony between nature and the built environment.

an important tribute to the fact that conservation and sustainability problems are never black and white, they constantly require a careful balance of considerations.

A subtle grey hints at the urban context within which WildServe specialises. The colour is also

Arrow 9.png

Our founding WildServe personnel


United in their passion for urban wildlife conservation, four very different but equally driven individuals committed to starting something - something new and innovative, something unique, and something that would contribute to making the world a better place.

Early 2017: The four founding directors gather for one of the first official WildServe cases, Mauritian Tomb Bats at a local school. - Left to Right: Michelle Bucher (resigned); Michael Schrenk; Melanie Green; Dirk Engelbrecht -

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