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Wild Serve is an organisation. A group of like-minded individuals working toward a common goal within an identifiable culture. One where you will learn that whether you are Working WITH Wildlife or Working FOR Wildlife you will see measurable impact and rewards no matter where you choose to serve in the Org. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

You've been there: looking for a direct and impactful involvement with making a difference for biodiversity; close to home and FREE... 

What our volunteer program offers:

  • Opportunities appropriate and scaled to your experience and interests

  • Forming part of high-importance conservation projects

  • An early practical start in more focused projects  

  • Preparation and close mentorship from 16 years of age (the youngest in the sector)

  • Gaining multidisciplinary experience to help with exploring new career paths (outside of hospitality, domestic veterinary and theoretical sciences)

  • Planned and credible progression with formal recognition of your abilities

  • Recognition of (relevant) historic experience and skills 

  • The only such facility in SA (preparing to) cater for physical limitations such as  hearing and sight impaired citizens - feel welcome to assist in the development hereof

We have 3 Main Divisions encompassing: 

1.    A Wildlife Division consisting of:

Wildlife Rescue Department (roles include Courier, Wildlife Technical Rescuer and Special Projects Member)

2.    An Environment Division consisting of:

Urban Environmental Education Department (duties include assisting in programs, talks, workshops and  projects)

Ecosystem Support Department (duties include establishing sanctuaries, greenspace restoration and risk mitigation)

& 1 Business Division:

3.    Support Services Division consisting of:

Support Services
  • Admin

  • Finance

  • HR

  • Marketing

  • Fundraising

  • Facilities

  • IT

  • Research & Innovation

Volunteer Categories


Due to the varied work we do we are able to tailor new opportunities to a variety of volunteer profiles. Our unique projects are of the most critical yet they are structured to facilitate an apprenticeship spanning a broader age and experience band while offering a steady development into more complex- work and, ultimately,  decision making .    

Our Categories are:

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  1. Wildlife Warriors: Environmental Ambassadors - Ages 11-15. These are future thought leaders trained for a journey from late-primary to early-secondary school who avail themselves both to their peers and their teachers. They serve an important role in offering access to information and extra-mural programmes within their schools.   

  2. Wildlife Warriors: Wildlife Apprentices - Ages 16-18. Ambassador-graduates bridging to in-centre work wherein they can directly participate under the guidance of field conservationists.

  1. WiSe Personnel -  Ages 18+.  Volunteers are assessed and put on a structured progression plan wherein they will be exposed to all necessary aspects required to build a well-rounded and credible professional. The format is that of a Mentor-Apprentice relationship where competencies are valued outside of a rank structure.

WESSA Eco Schools

WESSA Eco Schools


Wild Serve is a local facilitator for the Wildlife Society of South Africa's (WESSA's) Eco Schools franchise for South Africa. 

The Eco-Schools programme is an international programme of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) that was developed to support environmental learning in the classroom. The programme is active in 68 countries and 59 000 schools around the world and has been implemented in South Africa since 2003 by WESSA. The programme is aimed at creating awareness and action around environmental sustainability in schools and their surrounding communities as well as supporting Education for Sustainable Development in the national curriculum. With over 50% of the content in some CAPS subjects being environmental in nature, Eco-Schools makes a positive contribution towards improving education in South Africa.


Since 2003 more than 4500 schools across all nine provinces have participated in the programme reaching 1 036 000 learners and 41 400 teachers annually. The programme accredits schools that make a commitment to continuously improve their school’s environmental performance.

Pride Sanctuaries

PriDE Sanctuaries

The Privately Developed Eco product provides landowners, property managers and public interest groups with a structured program that improves the ecological and economic profile of their properties. This, simultaneously, improves quality of life for human and non-human life.

WiSe PriDE Sanctuary.png

For a nominal monthly contribution all 3 disciplines of the Organisation are on call to estate managers, body corporates or landowners. Sign up for the programme and automatically get discounts on all Wild Serve's wildlife and ecological products and services. 

Wild Serve has been servicing broad-ranging requests from several complexes, business parks, schools and parks for several years. It became evident that a product was required that would address habitat- and broader environmental- issues from an Ecosystems perspective. This allows us to integrate the services of all 3 organisational divisions for a more sustainable solution as opposed to reacting to isolated incidents.       

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