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Urban Environmental Education

"In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught"

- Baba Dioum



Wild Serve has, as we teach, practiced our 3 E's of Exploration, guided Experimentation and Expression. We took 3 years to develop models we felt serviced gaps or redundant and outdated approaches to help children feel their intrinsic connection and responsibility to nature. We look to develop future Stewards of the environment who are guided over the course of years in active environments as opposed to being fascinated by interesting and fantastic story telling. We opt to work to evolve culture over being informative; beyond understanding the concepts people of all ages need to feel a part of the natural world. We have interested National Geographic, the BBC and Cornell University, NY in our methods and programmes. If you are reading this as a parent or teacher, click the links below to find out how we can work with you!



We assist concerned citizens overcome artificial risks within the local environment and help wildlife find Sanctuary.

Wildlife can adapt to a variety of risks in the urban space. Unfortunately they cannot always do so within one generation without some help. By helping to give them a second chance we can help them both learn and pass on this knowledge to their social groups and young.


Our personnel are degreed natural scientists with educator and tutoring experience. 

Our mentors are able to appeal to young scholars in a meaningful way whether its through establishing methods complementary to their school's format and syllabus or providing scalable (cognitive level) academic knowledge and content. It is also beneficial that our personnel can offer situated learning opportunities in the field as practicing conservationists. 

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As an operational conservation organisation we teach in the field's we work in. This includes working with fauna, flora and watercourses.

Our personnel are certified by Cornell University, New York as "Urban Environmental Education Experts". We carry experience from the background and foreground of working to save the environment and ecosystems, specifically in the environment our Apprentices come from. We are able to conscientiously and safely expose children to the natural world on their doorstep so they can explore the wonders of it, and their place in it, within their homes and with their family's participation.



We aim to complement the values within future thought leaders that will allow them to identify the intrinsic human connection with nature and develop their own message for preserving it. 

In our programmes we believe it is crucial that we have a longstanding relationship as mentors to our apprentices as they grow at their own rate through their childhood. This affords them consistency today and options tomorrow. Another of our responsibilities is to assist the youth with formal career paths suited to them practically applying their acquired academic and social interests and values. 


Eco Schools

Eco-Schools is the largest global sustainable schools programme in the world...

The Eco-Schools programme is an international programme of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) that was developed to support environmental learning in the classroom. The programme is active in 68 countries and 59 000 schools around the world and has been implemented in South Africa since 2003 by WESSA.

The programme is aimed at creating awareness and action around environmental sustainability in schools and their surrounding communities as well as supporting Education for Sustainable Development in the national curriculum. With over 50% of the content in some CAPS subjects being environmental in nature, Eco-Schools makes a positive contribution towards improving education in South Africa.

Wild Serve is your facilitator for Gauteng Province.

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Habitat Workshops

These engaging exercises are conducted in schools and offer opportunities for finding out about nature's needs while solving problems, together.

We break down the challenges fauna and flora face in man-made environments and explore physical solutions developed from our understanding and consideration of their unique needs. We encourage hypothesizing and testing of alternative ideas while everyone participates in succeeding to bring one real-life solution to form. These habitats are ultimately installed on-premises where the children can live-monitor their creation throughout their school career knowing they have made a long-lasting positive impact.     

Sign your public, private or home school or child care centre up for one of our Programmes or Workshops.

We guarantee you will notice a positive impact on the attending children (and teachers) on the first visit.

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