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Wild Serve is both a not-for-profit and a conservation public benefit organisation. Within this role, we meet all the governmental and commercial shortfalls of society - on its behalf. We are YOU and nobody can be a better extension of you than Wild Serve. As much as we welcome our kin to volunteer we also need the empowering material resources to fulfil our mission. In an expression and acknowledgement of partnership we ask the public and corporates select a means to contribute from below. We require small consistent contributions from the public and larger investments from corporates. Our output is life so when making a difference to the world around you is on your mind - make sure WiSe is there too!   

Fundraising Priorities

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Buy Bring a Building Block

Buy/Bring a Building Block

Wild Serve needs materials to renovate the volunteer staffed Special Projects Centre in North Riding. We need not only to make it meet your expectations but also set the bare minimum ethical bar for our conservation sector. As usual we have made sure that we do not pay retail and go so far as to match every cent from the public purse with our own non-monetary magic. There are 5 common materials that will give us a massive boost in improving the Centre. Most, you will have lying around. Where you don't we have negotiated some substantial discounts for you to make it possible for you to become a fixed part of the work we do. We offer donor branding by means of engravings and plaques thereby weaving acknowledgements and your "seal of approval" into the fabric of the Centre...   

Everyday Means to Invest in WiSe's Good Work 

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Save wildlife from your office chair or sofa. Have your name displayed on our Twitter board as you empower us to match your money with our skills. With our Payfast porthole you make a secure payment from your PC, mobile device or connect directly to your bank!

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Help us reach our targets on finishing a short term project at our centre. See its progress and read about how we got the best deals for your money!

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Join MySchool and get a MyPlanet card. You will be able to direct funds from some mega retailers to your cause without any cost to you. Help them pay...

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Other than donating to the Org you can select a project for a more intimate and specific experience. We offer a more detailed and specific report to account for the impacts of your sponsorship.   

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Rather than give us your capital funds offer it to our bank and have us put the interest to work. No bank can offer a rate better than the priceless and irreplaceable value nature can provide as its restored. 

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Donate household, workplace or farm equipment, appliances and machines in exchange for a tax deductible receipt and know that your pre-loved clutter is being put the best possible use. You will always be welcome to visit them! Click tags to select...

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View or download our Wish List comprising our most use or most urgently needed items required for us to do effectively carry our our work. You very likely have some items at home or in the store at work.

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Sponsor a vehicle, tool or a piece of land even over a short or long term (or permanently and get a tax deduction). We are expertly able to justify and account for the returns on your investment. 

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We spend donations from the general public for everyone in Gauteng's benefit. This includes you, the business owner and manager. Between our work and the savings you afford us we can do more for you and yours without you paying anything out.

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All NPOs dread having to approach professionals for certain services, not knowing if they would support preserving our operational funds. Help shield our wildlife from these expenses and help us preserve our resources for them. 

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